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“No gimmicks. Just extraordinary commitment and hard work.”

Star Rating*: 5
Name*: Trent Benedetti
Review*: Month 1 - Manny's Fitness Program - Live Online - completed. 3x per week - full body workout - cardio, abs, upper and lower body. Out of shape? Don't worry -- all exercises come with modifications - and hey, even his online workout buddies have to pause every now and then. This is live - this is fun - this is getting a sweat on - and feeling good about yourself and what you accomplish through this online workout program.




Testimonial09: Eliazar Alfaro

Testimonial08: Lisa Morales

Manny I can’t tell you enough Thank you Thank you. I am so glad that I came back! I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger! My decision was the best thing I could ever have done. Thanks to Karen for pushing me to come back but to you for keeping my accountability. I see my results.

Testimonial07: Christine Blaze

Testimonial06: Jennifer Williams
Hi Manny- Just wanted to say Happy Memorial Day and that I'm doing really good! Since I've been gone, I've kept up my fitness routine and lost even more weight. The principles you instilled in my routine have made a huge impact on my life. I feel stronger physically, mentally and spiritually. I will always be grateful to God for bringing me to your studio. Thanks again for changing my life for the better!

Testimonial05: Adri [8:40 PM]
Hi Manny, just wanted to share that I got my blood results today and that I was very pleased with the outcome. My cholesterol levels are normal after many years and I know that it’s because I have changed my diet and thanks to MFP....and it’s only been less than two months! So I am beyond excited to keep on the healthy path. Thank you again for the encouragement and for pushing me. See you in the AM. MBS!


Testimonial04: Mannys Fitness Program changed my life for the better! Before joining MFP, I wasn't all that confident and my health was even worse. I had a health bus at my work last year and everything was in Red (High Risk). I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and was more likely to get diabetes. I knew I had to make some changes in my life if I wanted to live a long, healthy one. I joined bootcamp in July of 2018 and have gained so much confidence since then. I feel stronger, faster, and all around healthier. We recently had a Health Bus again and the results were way different. This time almost everything was in Green (Healthy). Nothing was in Red!! Mannys Fitness Program not only helped me with working out but also helped me with my eating. Manny provides you the tools necessary to know how much calories to eat, water to drink, and what foods are good for you. I highly recommend MFP because you are surrounded by people who are supportive and a trainer that CARES about your health.


Testimonial03: I have always tried to push myself to be healthy, but always felt like I could use an extra push. When I would get to the gym I would feel lost and kinda didn't know where to start (low motivation). Mannys training and the support from my team have been super uplifting. I am conquering fitness milestones I didn't know I could achieve. I love my MIND BODY STRIVE family! They are so positive and diverse! This is the best stress relieve medicine. I am soon to be 8 months post-partum and THIS is my ME TIME. I am so glad this program exists, and i plan to continue to get better, stronger, and faster! Thank you Manny.


Testimonial02: I started mannys fitness program  November 2017 My doctor wanted to put me on highblood pressure meds..i was overweight.and unhappy.Blood pressure is great now.lost the weight and never felt better. No Bp meds for me.Not only is MFP great..So are Manny & Abby.highly recommended.

Testimonial01: I started boot camp in 2010 because my BFF wouldn’t stop talking about and if you know Danielle Wiswall, you know, she can be a little tenacious at times! So, I had to shut her up! After I got over the first few times where I thought I was going to die…I couldn’t stop talking about it either! It was like no other work out I had ever done, it was competitive, totally demanding and outrageously fun! I would come home and talk about...continue reading.