---Mannys Fitness Program is a fully insured fitness program---

Did you know? Mannys Fitness Program was launched in 2009 by Manny, helping individuals safely reach their health and fitness goals and has not had a break in service since.

Do you have a 24-hour membership somewhere and no results?


Mannys Fitness Program is a boot camp style workout for men and women developed by an actual Marine boot camp drill instructor!


HIIT • Cardiovascular Training • Muscle Strengthening • Core Strengthening • Flexibility Enhancement • Mobility Enhancement • Energy Enhancement • Balance Enhancement • Fat Loss • Nutrition Guidance • Body Measurement Monitoring • Safety • Accountability • Results

Are you ready?
Men and Women of all fitness levels, sizes and ages have accomplished great results with Mannys Fitness Program. You can too! Are you looking for a challenging motivational outdoor workout program? Then this program is for you! Mannys Fitness Program will give you results along with that challenge and motivational outdoor experience you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Our Mission Statement:
To help you get into great shape by losing body fat weight, tone up, reduce stress, build body core strength, build muscle, increase energy, flexibility, stability, mobility, build confidence, learn nutrition tools and meet new awesome MFP Members.

Mannys Fitness Program
The premiere fitness, training, and healthy living boot camp program you will ever experience! Why spend time on that treadmill while staring at the wall. Come and join us for a fun and challenging new way to get in shape once and for all without even noticing the hard work you put in. Whether you are a beginner, a devoted fitness addict or just tired of the same routine, come and try this whole new total body outdoor/indoor workout...boot camp style!

*Do you need to be held accountable?
*Do you need fitness motivation?
*Would you like to meet other fun people?
If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, Mannys Fitness Program is for you! Join Now!

Our Structure
The way Boot Camp is structured and designed makes it a unique program which gives you the option to join whenever you're ready (unless the specific Boot Camp schedule is completely full). You don't have to wait for a specific date to start transforming your body leaner, stronger, better and healthier.

About Manny

Manny is a Certified Personal Trainer and a former U.S. Marine Sergeant. During his active duty he served our country for 6 years. One tour in Iraq, earned the title of a Marine Corps Drill Instructor where he went through a 12-week course emphasizing in leadership, judgment, professionalism, time-management, and of course, physical fitness, and also earned the title of a Green Belt Instructor in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) which consists of basic self defense and using body mechanics from many types of martial arts including grappling, kick boxing, and submission techniques. Manny is also a former Lompoc High School wrestling athlete where he graduated from. Participating in sports and weight lifting is where he found his passion for health and fitness. With his Drill Instructor tactics, Martial Arts body mechanics and Physical Trainer expertise is what would become Mannys Fitness Program with more than a thousand and counting enlistees trained to upgrade their life.