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Glad to have you here! We have what you're looking for to get into the best shape of your life.

Mannys Fitness Program was built to tailor any age and any fitness level no matter if you're a beginner or an experienced athlete. I personally make sure safety and exercise modifications are paramount at each and every training day. Be expecting to workout every muscle of the body, including core and cardio in a firm and balanced way. Everything is orchestrated around an individual fitness level from low, medium, high and very high. Everyone encourages, motivates and even helps understand the workout. You will never have to do anything that is beyond your evaluated capabilities. Hope to see you part of Mannys Fitness Program soon!

What to Expect
Total Body Workouts | Group/Team/Buddy Workouts | Individual Fitness Level Training | Exercise Modifications | Cardio-Core-Resistance Training | Nutrition Counseling | Periodic Body Measurements | Accountability System | Customized Meal Plans | Gurarantee Results

We Train Utilizing
HIIT • Cardio • Sand Bags • Pantented Sand Bag OlyBars • Free Weights • Body Weight • Ropes • Tires • Nutrition Guidance • Periodic Body Measurements • Safety • Accountability and much more

We Train To Strengthen
Muscle • Core • Respiratory System • Full Body and much more

We Train To Increase
Flexibility • Mobility • Energy • Strength • Balance • Accuracy • Stability • Coordination and much more

We Train To Decrease
Body Fat • Laziness • Weak Muscles • Heart Health Issues • Injuries and much more

We Train
Indoor • Outdoor • In Teams • Individually and much more

We Train Amongst
Men and Women • Any Fitness Level • Awesome Members • Motivated Members • Any Age (18 yrs and older. Ask about our Youth Boot Camp)

We Train To Produce
• Results • Physical Confidence • and much more

What to expect step by step
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Step 3:

Step 4: